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MKV movie in small size

This blog will provide small size link for Blue Ray Rip movie. It is alternative site for those movie lovers...


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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


One question always ask by user is why choose MATROSKA (MKV) format to rip the movie. Why don't use MP4, AVI, MPEG or others. To answer the question, we need to understand of MKV's advantage first.

1) MKV are streamable, .iso & video_ts are not.
Streamable means the myihome, llink, and others can stream them to the PCH without requiring you to manually configure network shares.

2) MKV can have multiple audio tracks, multiple subtitle tracks and it can have chapters

3) You can convert from .iso/video_ts to .mkv pretty quickly using mkvmerge gui - no transcoding required.

4) If you want to rip movie. MKV will be reduce in size, let's say you convert a 4.5gb .iso to .mkv, will i see a significant size reduction. Example : If i take my 4.5gb media and .mkv can be around 800MB, that might be a nice option. (of course not losing quality
MKV can contain video in different formats: H264, MP4, etc
MKV can contain several audios in addition to different types: AC3, MP4, MP3, OGG, etc
MKV can contain several subtitles in different formats: SRT, ASS. IDX/SUB, etc.
MKV supports chapters

If you use the codec H264 for the video you be able to reduce the size of the movie to the half without valuable loss of quality, using bitrates between 2500 and 3500.

In simple word, MKV can maintain the quality of your Blue Ray Movie with small size of file.
You can learn why HD movie - Blue Ray important to match with your LCDTV.

That why I choose all the movie file use MKV format. 

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