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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Category of Movie Rip File

There are a few type of Movie rip file and we need to understand before start downloading:- 
1) CamRip (CAM): The lowest quality. Movies are recorded with the camera screen theater. Some movies seen heads of other moviegoers, etc. The sound quality is different, possible interference such as laughing audience.

2) Telesync (TS): Records the professional (digital) camera mounted on a tripod in an empty theater with a screen. Video quality is much better than a simple camera (Cam). Sound is recorded directly from the projector or with another separate exit, such as a headphone jack in the chair (as in plane). The sound thus obtained is very good and without interference. Typically sound in stereo.
3) Screener [SCR] : The second place on quality. It uses Professional videotape for the press. The picture quality is comparable to a good VHS. Sound too good, usually a stereo or Dolby Surround.
3) DVDScr: A DVD Screener is a promotional copy of a motion picture sent by a movie studios (on a DVD-Video disc) before the official DVD release date to movie critics, censors etc. The term DVDSCR is used by movie pirates to describe the source material of a bootleg SVCD, DivX, XviD or DVDR copy of a DVD Screener. These copies are usually of high, near-retail quality, but often contain some little extras on the video stream.

4) Workprint (WP): The special candy for fans of movies. This so called “beta” movie. This is a preliminary version of the film. Because that we can expect everything. From super quality, to complete sludge. Often missing some scenes. However it may be such that there is every scene, and then they will cut … Read these versions can be a timer at the top or bottom screen – I need it for later editing.
5) VHS-Rip: rip made with VHS-tape. Differs oversaturation colors (typical for VHS). Also in the movie meet the horizontal strip and shake pictures – jammed film defects or loss of tracking. The edges are visible characteristic VHSnye noise – white spots and stripes.
6) Telecine (TC): This version is very rare. But the quality is very good. The source is a projector with outputs for audio and video. Film record directly from the projector. The quality of video and sound great.
7) BDRip: Rip with Blue-Ray disc – usually in high resolution (1080 or 720 lines).

8) BRrip: Rip from BDRip or other file but not from original BD.

The best is BDRip or BRrip if difficult to find BDRip.

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