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Saturday, November 27, 2010

How to Play movie with Subtitle

Every time play movie through PC or laptop, we will facing subtitle problem. Some movie not provided subtitle in the hardcore. That means downloaded movie only give you an audio and a video but no subtitle.

In that case you need to find subtitle yourself.. There are a few web-side provided free downloading from the internet. Before start to search for the subtitle, you need to understand what type of source of your movie. Most of the movie are came from DVD or BD.

If your downloaded movie type of DVDrip you shall look for DVDrip subtitle. If BDrip look for resolution 480P, 720P or 1080P. After known the movie type only start searching.

Below are the example of subtitle side.

The most popular side is


Type your movie title and download accordingly. You may choose what language you like. If you Indonesian just choose Indonesian from the option given. Its done, now you al-ready have your own subtitle.

To play subtitle along the movie, make sure you locate your movie and subtitle in the same folder. If you are using VLC player, the subtitle will load automatically when start play the movie.

HAPPY watching movie with your own subtitle.

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