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MKV movie in small size

This blog will provide small size link for Blue Ray Rip movie. It is alternative site for those movie lovers...


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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Before start download movie from internet, our concern is the quality of the movie. Is it a high quality movie or just a cinema copy. We don't want to waste our time waiting to complete all the file but as a result : we got a junk file. The audio and video quality of the movie is too bad.

To understand what type of movie we want to download, look at the source of the movie. Blue Ray is the best quality compare to others (DVD, TS, CAM, etc. ). Due to High Definition (HD) movie took very large of capacity, Up-loader need to rip the file. Note :Don't choose CAM because it is a cinema copy by view Cam camera.

DVDRip means the source is DVD, BDrip means it came from Blue Ray Disk. BRrip is a file rip from Blue ray but not from the original disk.

First, choose the best source. Then, look at the resolution. Best resolution is 1080P (1280X1080)but it will consume large space while download. So, 720P (1280X720) is reasonable. Rip file resolution 1280X544 or 1280 X 688 is common size.

To have a good sound system, THX is the best but difficult to rip. DTS is the best for rip file but if you are playing the movie using PC, AC3 (2 Channel) is enough. Normally DTS (5 channel) will consume a lot of space (Above 1GB). So, Choose 2 Channel the best option to download (copy) small a size of file.

Now, you already understand how to choose best quality of movie. So far, MKV is the best movie rip file which it consume low space capacity and maintain a high Quality of audio and video.

As summary :-
1) Choose type of source - BRrip
2) Choose resolution - 1280 X 720
3) Choose sound system - AC3 (2 Channel)

Good luck - choosing good movie!

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