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MKV movie in small size

This blog will provide small size link for Blue Ray Rip movie. It is alternative site for those movie lovers...


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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Every time download from internet we are worrying the link will be broken or sometime our PC accidentally shut down. There are several method to ensure our download item can be pause and re-download again. We also can scheduling the download time and it will start automatically.

One of the software provided this service is Free Download Manager (FDM). It can be download free from the internet. Link :

After install the software completely, you may start manage your downloaded item include the MKV Movie. Run your new FDM and you may see below window.
Copy movie download link and click at the add download icon - At the to left side as '+' symbol. The download link will automatically add and click OK button.

Your download item start downloading and you can pause and stop and also schedule the timing. FDM can be set automatic start download every time star up your PC and also can stop your PC automatically when finish download.

By using this FDM, you no need to worry of shut down issue or broken link anymore.

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